I want this report, right now!

If you have done good job in designing your own tables/views  or you have utilized the available table/views in Microsoft Project 2007 Professional then the next step for you is getting those tables/views printed as reports. The good thing is that you can design your own reports to show those tables in reporting layout. Having those customized report will make it easy for you to extract/distribute and publish your reports in a printed formats.

So the idea that I will illustrate in this post is summarized as the following

  • Customize your own table with the specific fields that your boss is looking for
  • Customize your own report to show this view/table as report
  • Make this report available for all projects

Step 1 : Customize your table

  1. Click on View => Table:  => and select More Tables

  2. In the dialog below click on New

  3. Enter the table information as per the image below


  4. Click Ok to save your table, remember the table name “Track Summary Report”
  5. Click Apply to see your table


Step 2: Create Your Own Report

  1. On the menu bar, click on Report => Reports then click on Custom

  2. The dialog will list all the available reports, we will not use any of them, we will create our own, right? So click on New

  3. Select Task, remember that we will design a report that will show the Tasks’ Tracking Information

  4. Fill in the information for your report as per the dialog photo below

  5. Click Ok after finish and click in Page Setup, usually you need to select the Landscape layout to be able to print as much information as you can in a single page. Don’t forget to set the paper size to A4

  6. Click in Header and Footer tap and feel free to edit the look and feel of your report header and footer

  7. Click OK, then “Preview” to preview your report

  8. You are done, click Ok several time to go back to MS Project Pro 2007 main menu

Step Three: Make this report available to all projects

  1. On the main menu Click on Tools => Organizer

  2. Select Report tab, select the “Tracking Summary Report” and then click << Copy to copy it to the Global template. So it will be available for the other projects


  3. Done

Best Regards

Bilal Okour

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