MS Project 2007 :: Corrupted Tasks

How do you know if your Project has a corrupted tasks, simply the following indicators will till you if so

  1. One ore more of your resource report that his "My Tasks" is showing sharepoint error message
  2. If you know how to query your database (Published DB of your server) and get unfortunately one row at lease



    Then to resolve this issue do the following

  • Open Gantt View, Insert "Publish" column, and select No for the task that you got from the above query
  • Publish your project
  • Again Gantt View, For the  "Publish" column, and select "Yes" for the task that you got from the above query
  • Publish you project

Best Regards

Bilal Okour

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11 Responses to MS Project 2007 :: Corrupted Tasks

  1. Gopinath Mani says:

    Dear Bilal,
    Thanks for the Query. It was very useful when i published the project details and had similar issues.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Bilal says:

    It was good that this post helped someone 🙂
    best regards
    bilal okour

  3. Mousa says:

    Thank you Bilal for your effort, this way help me alot to fixing the error, but i think it not sense to use this way cause we must find the reason for this problem,we talk about this issue last time in Microsoft event and you told me about adding new resource to existing task, or update progress from MS Project Pro for existing task, but what i think that this is a big problem in MS Project and Microsoft must fixed this error ASAP,regardsand thank you again

  4. Gopinath Mani says:

    Hi Bilal,
    I checked for the same scenario..and used the following queries to check for the tasks in MSP_ASSIGNMENTS_SAVED and MSP_TASKS_SAVED table. Then i found that to some publishing error, the insertion of task details failed in MSP_TASKS_SAVED TABLE.
    After taking the backup for the missing rows, i deleted the rows from MSP_ASSIGNMENTS_SAVED table, the error is no more, but i still feel that there might be some referential rows in hanging stage in other tables.
    Thanks once again.

  5. Bilal says:

    Hi Musa
    You are right, i mentioned this also for another vistor who used the same code, this bug is also reported by so many people to Microsoft. I hope they will fix it in the next SP
    Best Regards
    Bilal Okour

  6. Bilal says:

    Dear Gopi,
    My advice to you is not to work on the database end since we dont have the schema for the database, besides, Microsoft does not recommend niether ask the administrators to work directlly with the DB for any modification.
    I recommend you to go through SDK and write a code that will do so
    Best Regards
    Bilal Okour

  7. Сергей Юн says:

    Thanks Bilal, it\’s very useful.
    I have one more trouble maybe you met this before.
    When user try to add line in timesheet it gives him unexpected error.

  8. Сергей Юн says:

    Hi Bilal,
    How can i fix such problem with task when tasks not in Enterprise Project but in Proposal and Activities
    Thank you

  9. Bilal says:

    in proposals or personal activities you might not have this issue because you can not assgin more than one resource for a task
    and the main reason behind this is that the PM is trying to add more resources for a task that has actuals approved and applied
    so if an error happend overthere then it not due to the same reason
    Best Regards
    Bilal Okour

  10. Carsten says:

    Hi Bilal,
    Your database query helped us in the past to solve a "corrupted task" issue…thanks for that.
    Since short we have a similar issue where a couple of resources have the corrupted task message. This time your query didn\’t give the expeted solution.
    I wonder what else could be the reason? When we started to use Project Server and PWA, we learned that there is another possible reason: Projects that have been closed in MS Project before they were published for 100%…
    Back then we re-published all our projects, but with the number of projects we have in our database now, the manual re-publishing would be a nightmare.
    Is there any way to re-publish all our projects again (not 1 by 1 manually)?
    Is there another way to figure out where the "Task error" message comes from?
    Thanks already,

  11. ebayyy says:

    I am a new guy! I like here!

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