Are you sure that people read your blog????


Opps, have you ever asked your self this question, are you writing something that no body reads??

Don’t get upset for a while, you have to spend more efforts in catching the eyes to your blog, here are some advises for you,  feel free to re-distribute it


  1. Include your blog link in your signatures  everywhere, emails, posts, answers, even Marriage invitation cards 🙂
  2. Link to others, ask the others to link to you
  3. Include taglines instead of submitting your blog URL to search engines, let them do it in their own way,use this tool that might help you selecting the right key words
    you can visit this site
  4. Don’t write long articles, short and attractive post are more than enough
  5. Use Attractive titles, "Man bite a dog"  is more attractive than "Dog bite a man". ask a journalist about this 🙂
  6. Focus on one technology field, but you can post some "Breaking News" to have some little change, also you can put some personal materials (basically the idea of the blogs is personal activity to share knowledge and experience)
  7. Rank of your blog is proportional to the content you write, not to the time, the more you write the more growth you will get, so be patient
  8. What is ever you know in the related blog field is a good material for blogging
  9. Use a name for your blog which is related to the main topic your blog is talking about (This advice I got it from an expert in this field and it is really working, don’t miss it)
  10. Use snapshots when illustrating post of the type How To, this will make the post preferred to read by your visitors
  11. Use Simple English, remember that your visitors are not always native English speakers
  12. Try to use simple layout, messy layout will encourage your visitors to run away ASAP
  13. Use standard fonts for titles, post bodies, links. Standards always make it fast and easy to read the content
  14. Don’t submit your blog to search engines, yes, this is true, but don’t ask me why, ok, you already asked!!, the answer is "This is the search engines policy to reduce the spam traffic"
  15. Refer to my blog 🙂 ; you can ignore it if you did not like my blog


Best Regards

Bilal Okour

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7 Responses to Are you sure that people read your blog????

  1. Hovsep says:

    Great post here, Bilal
    Keep it up.

  2. Bilal says:

    thanx hovsep, you know that making the blog popular is one of the difficult things the blogers face, i hope this will help them

  3. Oussama says:

    Hello Everyone, great initiative for I just want to share something. I started blogging often since mid november, I use windows live writer, and google analytics, to see statistics about visits. It\’s great to know that the blog works, without even adding too many keywords. In fact, I get about 35 visits a day in average Monday through friday. for 20 posts in total that\’s great. I blog often about 2.0 and user interfaces. most visits from united states and india.

  4. Bilal says:

    This is great dinia, I visited your blog and found very helpful, i recommend the developers to make your blog as one of thier references

  5. Oussama says:

    thanks very much Bilal (as long as content is helpful, it\’s the pleasure of blogging). I am following the initiative for, and appreciate the regular newsletter (I always look for it in my mailbox).

  6. Mostafa says:

    I learnt from this post..thanks bilal.

  7. Bilal says:

    Dear Mustaf
    Me too, I learned alot.
    Hope to learn from you also our bloger master Arafa
    BTW, for whomever reading this note, Arafa has a great blog that I consider is as Is A Must To Read blog
    best regards

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