MS Project Resource Types Again

Traditional resource types are

  • people
  • equipment
  • materials (used to complete tasks that make a project)

In Enterprise environment we have two domains

  • Global: Means related to the whole organization
  • Locale: related to the current project

So accordingly the resources can be classified as the following

  • Enterprise resources   Each of these resources can be shared across multiple projects. Typically, the list of enterprise resources is managed by an administrator , and each project manager adds these resources to their projects as needed.
  • Non-enterprise resources   A non-enterprise resource, or local resource, is not a part of the list of resources for the whole organization. No other project manager can use your non-enterprise resources in their projects.

Now the resource also can be classify according to the certainty

  • Specific Resource:  By name, for example Ali, Omar, khalil. this means that you already have this employee among your team
  • Generic resources   Generic resources are used to specify the staffing requirements for a project, such as carpenters and developers, or a team of resources.

Best Regards

Bilal Okour

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