Manage your projects with Project 2007

"The best project management tool in the world can never replace your good judgment.

However, the right tool can and should help you accomplish the following:

  • Track all of the information you gather about the work, duration, and resource requirements for your project.
  • Visualize your project plan in standard, well-defined formats.
  • Schedule tasks and resources consistently and effectively.
  • Exchange project information with stakeholders over networks and the Internet using standard file formats.
  • Communicate with resources and other stakeholders while leaving ultimate control in the hands of the project manager.

Armed with the information about project management contained in this article and the rich functionality of Project 2007 discussed in our book, you are off to a great start with Project 2007."


I read this from one article and i have quoted it for you

if you want to refer to the original article please refer to

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