A New Thing That Is Not New At All !!??

Today is my rest day, but for browing the internet it is my best time to do so
Again, as the top of the news, Microsoft surface announced this week made me so passionated to know more about it
I went tot the official site for it
And went this time to the possiblities link and i liked one title while downloading the flash intorduction, it says
A new thing that is not new at all
yes, for me, such kind of service is not new att all,
is it new to collect, organize and save pictures
is it new to have the touch screen devices, have you tried the Pocket PC
is it new to move things from folder to folder
Ok, the answer, all the above mentioned are NOT New
But it is VERY NEW to have all of these thing one your fingures, visual or virtual things are very closed to the real things
You can see the amazing work that Microsoft did in this field which made the gap between what we see in the holloywood imagination movies become towrds the real world
With just a surface computer, your fingures (it is a must to have compatable fingures 🙂 )  is the only thing to do you daily computer work
Belive me, only Microsoft can thing and innovate such ideas and for my point of view that bye for the days that the people were claiming that Microsoft is borrowing the ideas from the others,
You can enjoy your life with microsft
Best regards
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