Microsoft: Dream-To-Real Innovations

Long time ago and I was thinking, what is the limitation of the computing technology will be such a limit where the people will not be able to go beyond. At each stage I was thinking that what we had till now is the limit.

Now till me, have you ever thought of having Speech Recognition in the close past, well, may be as me myself I was sure that Microsoft will come in one day and unleashed it out, go and enjoy this Dream-To-Real innovation in Windows Vista Speech Recognition.

As Professional worker, have you ever dreamed of having a very easy to use, fully capable of automating your office work, then you should give a try to Office 2007 Familly.

As developer, have you ever dream of having all the stakeholders involved in the development life cycle working in a centralized work space, if yes then go and see this Dream-To-Real innovation in visual Studio Team System

As in management, have you ever dream of a solution that gives you more that tasks status reporting?? Have dreamed of having a work control & analysis, cost control & analysis, Risk control & analysis, resources control and analysis, if yes then go and see this dream-to-real innovation in Microsoft EPM solution

Have you ever dreamed of having Surface computing then go to this link and watch this dream after it has been moved to the real world 🙂

Now till me, do you like the idea of Dreaming with Microsoft??

Enjoy Microsoft

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