Welcome to My new space and blog

Hello my dear vistor
As you are reading my words now then I found it a must to welocme you for visting my space and thank you for your interest in my blog, 
I build this blog to enrich my knowledge with your comments about my personal experience which I will share it with you
I hope you will find something important for you and I will be very happy to know that apeice of information written here had helped some person!
Best Regards, Bilal Okour
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3 Responses to Welcome to My new space and blog

  1. BARB says:

    Hi Bilal,
    Thank you for sharing your pictures.  I too have travelled extensively throughout the world and love the knowledge and understanding that it gives.  I live in Hawaii and here we are a large melting pot of all religions and races.  It is a great place to live.  I have not been to Kuwait, but have travelled through out the middle east and I have fondness for its history and people.
    Aloha, Baba

  2. Bilal says:

    Thanx dear,
    you are right, traveling is the best teacher, nothing better that seeing how do the others live thier life, get very close to thier cultures.
    I love travelling and will keep doing this

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